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updated October 9, 2009

Wine list hasn't seduced us, so we went for very good martinis instead.

Shrimp Bisque - concentrated, lots of body and texture -
THE BEST I ever had

LC's ribs - quite good and very memorable
My T-Bone - I do 'em better myself, Costco cuts rulez!

Double cooked potato - lack originality and basically tasteless.
1028 N Rush St, Chicago
(312) 988-9021
Rating: Don't change your plans to visit it, don't avoid it if you run into ot.

Chophouse was a major disappointment.Every time I wonder where is salt, steak sauce, spices, I know chef screwed it up.
Pork chop was too dry and tasteless, fillet minion unremarkable, not even a bacon wrap added, the lamb chop tasteless, "charred prime rib" was not exactly charred and could have used some seasoning as well.

My daughter explained me that Chicago is "midwest", therefore the food is rather bland, but c'mon, Ruth Chris used to finish their steaks better.

featured blue nose oysters were suffering from anorexia, no vinegar with onions on the side and some fish roe topping was just isn't enough to awake flavors.

The lobster bisque was a shadow of Gibson's shrimp bisque and the calamari were breaded beyond recognition.

No, guys, Chophouse is NOT the place the visit for a former New Yorker.

60 W Ontario St
Chicago, IL 60654-3823
(312) 787-7100
Rating: Don't waste your time, money and taste buds

"Frankenstein Cuisine", but in a good sense of it.
We got 2 fish courses and they both hit the spot and played with the culinary sensors.

The Oeufe a la Neige desert with
olive oil ice cream and polenta with berries compote was just devine, while the wine I picked
500 N Clark St
Chicago, IL 60654-7188
(312) 321-6242
Rating: Make sure you visit them, bring credit cards

Howl At the Moon
We had a great time! I haven't been doing bar scene for centuries,
young girls still look good and the songs from the 80's sounds good as well!

26 West Hubbard St.
Chicago, IL 60654
Rating: Don't miss it!

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The Cage - Excellent eatery!
We went there for lunch and the mussels vindaloo hit the spot, even though, I have to admit,
the mussels from Maggiano's were head above, despite the terrific presentation at Gage

My entry, the Home Crafted Sausages were truly artisan effort while my girlfriend pan fried white fish was just fantastic.
All dishes were coming with all kinds of potatoes,
I had home fried with real cheese and my g/f had home fried with spices.
The diversity of potatoes side dishes, along with the excellent service all scream QUALITY!

24 S Michigan Ave
Chicago, IL 60603-3301
(312) 372-4243
Rating: Must See

Reviewed by Serge Birbrair

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