Italy Restaurants Review

updated October 21, 2007

Pizzeria ai Marmi
Viale Trastevere 53
Tel: 06 580 09 19

Classic Roman style pizza (and little else) in a bustling place with cool, long marble tables one shares.
Squished cafeteria-style seating allows a good view of the giant wood-fire oven and the impressive stylings of the pizza-man,
who made about 2 dozen pizzas at once, every few minutes.

Service is brisk and a little rude (they *are* trying to carry about 9 pizzas at once, you know, please don't get in their way!). My Italian friends love to dispute where the best pizza in Rome is (and therefore Italy, unless it's in Naples, etc.), but this place, known informally as "L'Obitorio" is always a contender in those arguments.


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