"Tasting notes from professionals are incredibly valuable in helping to focus understanding on a particular wine, region or style.
They facilitate choice...better choices. I also agree, for those interested, that tasting and educating yourself is both fun and valuable.
I also see the advantage of discussion and conversation on the subject.
But the real value comes when wine is a catalyst, when it makes the experience greater than the sum of its parts.
This is what is captured by context, this what Francois waxes on about,
this is what Jim Cowan and other express in their notes. Wine is a bridge, not a destination."
(~ Scott Manlin) 1

The BEST of Wine Articles from around the World for serious Wine Reader

Vineyards and Wines

Wine Tasting in Piemonte
by Asher Rubinstein
by Andrew Lampasone
by Andrew Lampasone
by Andrew Lampasone
Chateau Pichon Baron
by Andrew Lampasone
Priorat Confidential
by Board-O
Chateau Mouton Rothschild
by Andrew Lampasone
Cos d'Estournel
by Andrew Lampasone
Pontet Canet
by Andrew Lampasone
Montes Winery
by Andrew Lampasone
Chateau Pape Clement
by Neal Martin
Amon-Ra Winery
by Andrew Lampasone
Caymus Winery
by Andrew Lampasone
Marquis Phillips, Australia
by Andrew Lampasone
Joseph Phelps & Insignia
by Andrew Lampasone
Clos Mogador
& Clos Martinet
by Serge Birbrair
by Florida Jim Cowan

Wine Tastings and Wine Tasting Notes

Chateau Cheval Blanc
vertical tasting 1950-2001
by Serge Birbrair
Wines & Dining with Francoise Audouze
by François Audouze
Bordeaux Tasting
2001 & 2002
by Serge Birbrair
Wines for Every Budget
by Florida Jim Cowan
Chianti Classico in Copenhagen
by Birger
Gaja Tasting 1964 - 2001
by Susanne & Serge Birbrair
15 tips for attending a wine tasting
by Thomas Pellechia

Wine 101

Wine stores from around the Globe Sexy Wines
by Susanne Birbrair
Slow Oxygenation Method
by François Audouze
Is blind tasting a worthwhile exercise?
by François Audouze
Unannounced Chateau visit
by François Audouze
How to solve Internet Board disputes
by François Audouze
Making of Red Wine Bordeaux
for Dummies
Wine Glossary Terms
by Robert Parker

Wine and Food Recipes

Prime Rib of Pork
by DaleJ
Israel Restaurants Review
by Daniel Rogov
Cooking With Wine Killer steak 'n' rib dipping sauce recipe
Baby Back Ribs Gnocchi with Pesto
by Susanne Birbrair
Wine & Food Pairing Matching
Search Database
Wine and Food
Chicken Breasts with Pistachio-Cilantro Pesto
by Katie Gardner
Congee - the best Asian rice soup
by Susanne Birbrair

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